Hand-crafted in Dublin, Ireland

Radek MARA

Owner & Creator

The whiskey barrels we use for our barrel furniture  have made a quite journey and that is what makes them so special. They were made from american oak and used for ageing Jim Beam and Jack Daniels bourbon first. After they were shipped from the US to Dingle were they were used for aging the famous irish whiskey. This is where the life cycle of the barrels usually ends. The barrels we work with were used in a Dublin beer brewery for another 180 days to give their craft beer a unique taste and aroma. Then it's time for us to let the barrels dry and create unique products that will tell this story in your home. 

About Us

Primitive Boards is a one-man woodworking studio started in 2018 by me, Radek Mara. Originally I started woodworking as a form of therapy. Working with wood has a naturally calming effect that helps your mind to slow down. I have been very lucky to have a chance to work on some amazing woodworking projects and It was while working on a commission I discovered the beauty of the whiskey barrel wood. It is one of the strongest and definitely the best smelling wood you can find. My goal is to create unique pieces of furniture that will be the centrepiece of your home. Whether it's a rocking chair or a clock.

Come to say Hi

You can find me at The Herbert Park Market in Ballsbridge every Sunday where you can test our whiskey barrel chairs and see our benches, coffee tables and clocks in real life before you buy.

Studio visits by appointment only.


Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Opening Hours


10am - 4pm

We use your whiskey bench beside the main door as a stool and a shoe rack. So unique and so beautiful. Thank you

Liliane A.

Love my whiskey barrel serving bowl!  It always gets a ton of attention from guests

Bernie M.

Whiskey barrel rocking chair - Product quality is outstanding and love the smell. The burnt effect in contrast with the light wood is very unique. Now I need a matching coffee table

Trevor B.